Monthly Archives: September 2016


Greetings Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

As I write to you, the 15th Anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th is upon us. It’s hard to imagine that 15 years have passed since the horrific attacks of that day.

As I think of that day and all that has transpired two words come to mind: Remembrance and Perseverance. We strive to remember the tragic events of that day so that the lives of those lost, the sacrifices made, and the heroic acts will not be forgotten. We remember in a way that continues to inspire us to carry on so that the core of American freedom and way of life will not be lost to terrorist attacks or threats.

This leads me to my second word: Perseverance, the steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Due to the very nature of terror, it is hard to “pin” down our enemy, those that choose to attack us and attempt to shake and destroy American Democracy and Freedom. Yet, we persevere and keep at the good fight wherever and whenever we meet such deadly attacks. Our prayers and thoughts will always be with those on the front line both at home and abroad.

I believe that such Remembrance and Perseverance is a strong reflection of God’s relationship with us in and through Jesus Christ. God remembers the promises made to the people of faith and will not leave us hanging despite our human weakness (sins), lack of faith, and willingness to relegate God to a position of convenience. With this, God preserves to love us, lead us, and call us in and through the Son, Jesus Christ.
I believe that the victory over terrorism is still blurry and distant. However, the victory over sin, death, and evil is very clear. Such victory is clear and very near to us. The victory is ours in and through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I pray that the strength of Christ’s victory continues to reassure us and keeps us now and in the days to come.
Peace in the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Rich.