Monthly Archives: October 2016


Greetings Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

As I write to you, the leaves are bursting with fall colors and there is a cool nip in the air. Reminding us that change is upon us.

Change is so much a part of the human condition. That is, all outside of the divine is subject to change and reformation. The earthly seasons are a great reminder of this. In Summer there is cultivation and growth of new life that leads to the vibrant colors of dying leaves in Fall that leads to the cold tomb like hold of Winter that leads to the new buds of life in Spring. One can see in the Seasons of Nature the gift of the Resurrection: That God’s grace revealed and given in and through Jesus Christ will bring new life from earthly death.

In that revelation rests our hope and our fear.

I like many of you fear change and venturing into the unknown. I like to have control over my life and all that the future will hold. However, as is often the case, what I plan for my future is often interrupted and changed by forces beyond my control and desires. Such was the case for me in my recent battle with cancer and the health of people I love and deeply care about.

When I find myself in such fear I turn to God’s word. This is not limited to Scripture but includes meditation books, poetry, and hymns. I find that the hymns that we are blessed with in the church are composed and written by people that have experienced the human condition in all phases. One such hymn that I find very encouraging in times of such change and fear is #324 in the LBW: O Love That Will Not Let Me Go. In this hymn, I find verse 3 very comforting. It goes like this: O Joy that seekest me through pain, I cannot close my heart to thee; I trace the rainbow through the rain And feel the promise is not in vain That morn shall be tearless be.

And feel the promise is not in vain, That morn shall be tearless be. There is my reason to hope. I have hope because I believe in the promise of God to bring new life out of the depths of death and despair. I have faith and trust that as I venture into the future that fear will never defeat the promise of God to journey with me and that the morn shall be tearless be.

Peace in the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ,

Pastor Rich.