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Dear Sisters and Brother in Christ:

As Memorial Day soon approaches, my thought drifts back to a childhood memory.  I remember how on Memorial Day my Uncle Tony would take me to downtown Meriden, Ct. to watch the annual Memorial Day Parade.  I remember, when the American Flag passed before us, my Uncle snapped to attention and gave a crisp hard salute.  And, I often noticed that this strong, courageous man’s eyes moistened as the flag went by.  Later, as I grew in years and wisdom, I attributed the tearing to his memory of his fallen comrades.  Tony served in an armored division during WWII.

After the parade, my Uncle and I returned home and Tony would show me his Armored Division Book that accounted the history of his Division during the war. The book also listed the names of all that served in that Division during the war.  Spread throughout the book was signatures and comments of those that served with my Uncle.  At the very end of the book was the song:  “Bless em All.”  My uncle and I would often join together in singing some verses of that song.

This Memorial Day, we remember all that have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect those that cannot protect their self and allow others to live in freedom.

In this day and age, the identity of those that make such an ultimate sacrifice is broad and far reaching.  No longer can such heroes be identified by uniforms and military units alone.  For today, such heroes’ attire, along with military uniforms, includes the uniforms’ of first responders, business suits, work clothes, and day to day clothing.  That is, terrorism calls many into the battle to protect those that cannot protect their self and to keep the beat of freedom alive.

On this Memorial Day, let us lift our praise, thanksgiving, and prayers for all that have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Let us sing together to God:  “Bless em All.”

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Rich.